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Apply for temporary supported housing

If you have any difficulty completing this application form or would like it in a different format, please contact the admissions team on 01582 722629.

Signposts’ ethos is about working together with our clients. Below is our commitment to how we will work alongside you through this application and your journey with us.


Signposts’ commitment:

• We shall process your application in a fair and open way

• We shall, at all times, work in accordance with our Equality and Diversity Policy

• We shall treat all private and sensitive information received as part of this application process in a professional and respectful way, as well as in line with our GDPR Policy

• We will welcome you and encourage you to develop your strengths across the process

• We commit to giving you a decision on this application within 7 days – although please be aware that room availability may vary

• If you are unhappy at any time during the process, please let us know

Your commitment 

• I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, the information within this application is accurate

• If requested by Signposts, I will assist in providing additional relevant information

Agency commitment 

• I confirm that, if this person’s application is successful, I (or another appropriate person from my organisation) will participate in any planning and implementation required to help this person work with Signposts

• If for any reason I (or my organisation) cannot continue to work with this person, we will provide a reason and an alternative contact / agency, with a plan of how to continue working with this person

By signing this application, you agree to the principles of working together through the application process.


Section 1: Personal details

REFERRER’S DETAILS (please move to the next section if this is a personal application)


Personal details of applicant

Date of birth
Date of birth
Ex armed forces?
Current / most recent address
Current / most recent address

Next of kin details


Section 2: Financial information

Income details

Complete section 3 when a referral by an external agency is being made

Section 3: Keeping you safe

As part of the application process we ask for a completed risk assessment. The aim of this process is to ensure that, as far as possible, we keep everyone safe. Depending on the information you provide, we may have to ask for additional information or supporting documentation. We will only ever ask for information relevant to us being able to work together. Signposts will not exclude anyone based on their level of risk.
Name of person completing risk assessment
Name of person completing risk assessment
Please indicate below whether the applicant is a risk to themselves based on the following
Please indicate below whether the applicant is a risk to others based on the following
Is there multi-agency involvement to keep the applicant safe? (MAPPA, MARAC, SARAC etc.)

Section 4: Confidentiality and Information Sharing Consent

All information which is recorded by Signposts about the applicant is available for them to see by prior arrangement. Signposts want the applicant to contribute their views as often as possible to their file. The applicant has the right to challenge anything that is incorrect.

In order to provide a comprehensive and quality service to meet expectations, it may be necessary to obtain information from other agencies and to share out information with them. This may include benefits, previous accommodation providers, health / mental health teams, probation, drug / alcohol agencies, police, education providers and any other agencies involved in the applicant's support.
This document operates in accordance with GDPR. Signposts (Luton) also reserves the right to record general information without your consent (e.g. name, address, NI number).
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Name of applicant
Name of applicant

Section 5: Equal Opportunities Monitoring

To assist us in checking that our application policies operate fairly, you are requested to complete this Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form and return it with your application. The information will be held separately and will not be part of the selection process.
What is your ethnic group?
Choose one section from A to E, then tick one box to best describe your ethnic group or background.
A) White
B) Asian / Asian British
C) Black / Black British
D) Mixed / multiple ethnic groups
E) Other ethnic group
Do you have a disability?
If you have selected 'yes', will you require assistance when we meet with you?
What is your sexual orientation?
Please select the box which best describes your religion

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and treat your personal data confidentially. You can read our privacy policy here.