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Signposts is here to help people who are homeless in Luton and Dunstable

Our aim is to help clients achieve their own maximum potential to live and develop in the community. We achieve this by:

• Promoting best practice and quality support.

• Making innovative approaches to problem solving as well as acknowledging existing good social work practices.

• Recognising the dignity of each person whom we seek to help.

• Developing our staff team to their utmost potential.


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Our values



Believing that all individuals are full of potential and skills, deserving to be respected and give their respect in return.



Being proud to be part of the team – recognising the strengths of each individual while acknowledging that we can accomplish more together.



Creating a positive, can-do environment by choosing to enjoy every day.



Generating an environment where all ideas are relevant and possibilities are endless.



Contributing to an energetic, creative and encouraging atmosphere which enables us all to meet our aspirational goals.



Our history

Signposts was formed in the early 80's, when a group of concerned local people came together to tackle the growing challenge of homelessness. With the support of a local housing association, in 1985 they opened a property with sixteen bedrooms, which provided Luton's first designated accommodation for homeless people. 

Signposts has grown considerably since then, and now has thirteen properties providing 137 bed spaces. We have developed our expertise and procedures to enable us to support vulnerable homeless people.

Our ongoing challenge is to change negative perceptions of homelessness, and to allow the people that live at Signposts to develop to their utmost potential.


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The team

Carole .jpg

Carole Vanschagen, The Chair of Trustees

I been involved with the working development of Signposts since 1985. I am a firm believer in giving something back, and empowering the disadvantaged of Luton is at the core of my objectives.


Les Ward, Vice Chair

Being the Vice Chair of Signposts has allowed me to use my expertise in business and management to benefit the community.

Chris .jpg

Chris Slough, Trustee

After a career in education and involvement in local politics I am proud to be involved with this important charity which provides support for homeless people.

Kevin Porter.jpg

Kevin Porter, Chief Executive Officer

I have worked for Signposts since 1991, and took on the leadership of the charity in 2005. My personal objective is to remove all stigma around the perceptions of homeless people.

Kevin Lee.jpg

Kevin Lee, Company Secretary

My passion for developing training and management skills allows me to contribute to the development of Signposts in a career that has seen me stay with the charity for over 20 years.

Phyl .jpg

Phyl Rainey, Head of Community, Partnerships and Innovation

After a long career in the voluntary sector supporting homeless people in diverse circumstances, I have joined Signposts with a passion to create better understanding between homeless people and the wider community and to develop genuine community involvement.

Ann .jpg

Ann Hyde, Founder

As a founder of Signposts, I am proud to see how the dreams and plans of a disparate group of people who came together in the early 80’s to provide accommodation for homeless people have grown into the professional organisation it has become today. My involvement is ongoing and meeting the challenges of the future is part of Signposts' identity.


Cherry Newbery, Trustee

My long involvement with the town of Luton and the local community helps me to bring my expertise in business management and education to support the vulnerable and homeless people of Luton.

David .jpg

David Ball, Trustee

As a member of Luton Rotary, I have supported Signposts for many years. I am now proud to bring my areas of expertise, including insurance, for the benefit of Signposts.


Derek Wood, Trustee

Being a trustee allows me to use my expertise in property management to benefit the homeless people in our local community. Signposts sets excellent standards in the provision of accommodation and I am proud to be a part of this charity.


Tim Archbold, Director of Operations

I joined Signposts in July 2016 after working in the Homeless Sector in Luton for 10 years, and I lead the operational delivery of all Signposts’ supported accommodation and support services. I am passionate about putting people with lived experience at the heart of developing and delivering the services they use.

Leanne Nutt.jpg

Leanne Nutt, Head of Finance

I started my career at Signposts as a teenage administrative assistant. Since then I have gone on to qualify as an accountant, and I am now responsible for all financial aspects of the charity.



Our partners

We are committed to building and investing in relationships with the statutory, voluntary and private sectors; businesses; members of the public; faith groups; schools and community groups. We firmly believe that the answer to many of the challenges faced by both Signposts and its residents lies within these partnerships.


Signposts_website_partner logos-20.png


Our awards

We are extremely privileged and proud to have been nominated for a number of awards in 2017 in recognition of our contribution to our community, both as a team and for some special individuals that have gone above and beyond.


Dunstable and Houghton Regis business & community awards 2017-01.png

Dunstable and Houghton Regis Business and Community Awards 2017 - Apprentice of the Year
Highly Commended - Elizabeth Chapman

Dunstable and Houghton Regis Business and Community Awards 2017 - Young Hero of the Year
Highly Commended - Elizabeth Chapman

Local heroes old logo.jpg

Local Heroes (sponsored by Bedfordshire Midweek 2017) - Volunteer of the Year
Finalist - Dave Townley

community awards 2017.jpg

Community Awards 2017 - Community Project of the Year
Runner-up - Team SP

Community Awards 2017 - Volunteer of the Year
Winner - Dave Townley

Luton's Best awards 2017.jpeg

Luton’s Best Awards 2017 - Service with a Smile
Runner-up - Team SP

Luton’s Best Awards 2017 - Community Project of the Year
Runner-up - Team SP

Luton’s Best Awards 2017 - Best Volunteer of the Year
Runner-up - Dave Townley

Luton’s Best Awards 2017 - Luton’s Most Outstanding Citizen for 2017
Winner - Dave Townley