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Before I came to Signposts, I had been rough sleeping in Dunstable for about a year, sleeping under hedges and wherever I could. I would go to the Salvation Army in the day to have a shower and the library was brilliant - they would let me sit in a corner and quietly get a few hours’ sleep.

I never begged, I managed on my benefits and I hung around with other rough sleepers, mostly men, who were often drunk. I felt a sense of safety with them being a woman sleeping rough, although sometimes their behaviour was not great.

I was told about a hostel in Bedford but there would be no guarantee of a bed, I would have to go there and queue up. I couldn’t afford to use my money to travel to Bedford and take the risk of there being no bed, so I didn’t go.

One day when I was at my GP, he asked if I had heard about a charity called Signposts. I gave them a call and had my assessment on Monday. There were no beds available that day but they said they would be in touch as soon as a bed became free. I moved into Signposts One on the Thursday of that week. I was absolutely petrified, I had no idea what it would be like and had thoughts of people using drugs etc.

As soon as I moved in I met another resident and his daughter, they were really friendly and invited me to sit with them, we soon became good friends. I quickly made other friends, there were so many nice people and the staff were amazing, I really loved it there. It was so nice having meals cooked, eating together - I felt comfortable and safe.

"I loved doing the jobs, working as part of a team. I remember taking part in Clean for the Queen. I loved giving back to the community and feeling like part of the town.

Someone told me about Team SP and invited me to the Friday meeting. I was apprehensive but they said come along it will be fun. I went with them and absolutely loved it, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I wanted to give something back and this gave me an opportunity to volunteer. I loved doing the jobs, working as part of a team. I remember taking part in Clean for the Queen. I loved giving back to the community and feeling like part of the town.

After I left Signposts I moved to Wales into a 2-bedroomed flat in Barry Island. I have been working part time in a call centre. My main ambition is to go back on the buses - I am a bus driver by trade.



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