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I am 51 years old. I think I will start my story in the year 2000 aged 34, when I was sentenced to four years in prison for drugs and firearms offences and aggravated burglary. I was released from prison in 2003 and went back to live with my mum. It wasn’t long before I started getting involved with drugs again and associating with the same people. I needed to try and get away. I met a girl, but we were both dealing with difficult things and were unhappy. I felt if I moved to Luton where she lived, we could give it a go and I could get over my stuff. By 2013 however, I swallowed my pride and came into Signposts. I had had enough - my relationship had deteriorated and I had nowhere to live.

"I felt my confidence building, the people were so nice, it made me want to give something back - and it felt good to be giving something back.

Straight away I liked the people and felt comfortable and safe. I didn’t like all the rules much, but I liked the place. I started getting involved with Team SP. I helped with setup and marshalling at the fireworks event and litter picking at the River Lea, whatever was going on. I wanted to jump on it and get involved. I felt my confidence building, the people were so nice, it made me want to give something back - and it felt good to be giving something back. It felt like I was turning over a new leaf. I started to feel positive about myself and my life, I started going to the gym and wanted to get involved with everything that was going on.

I got my own flat and left Signposts. The first day I got the key and walked in to view the flat the answer was "yes I want it" - it felt so good and gave me a huge sense of security. For the first time in many years I felt I had achieved something, after many years of wrong choices I felt the consequences of those choices were now behind me. I had achieved this, this was my future. It’s just amazing - like I am free again.



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